Disegna Sacchetta

Disegna Sacchetta

SBDHS Yearbook Cover

Timeline: October 2011 - November 2011

Category: Print Design

Printed: June 2011

I took the opportunity in high school to be apart of Desktop Publishing class. The basis of the course was to create printed media, primarily the yearbook, with a few small projects on the side. We decided the theme of the book would be focused on the environment and how our school is a place to grow. I volunteered with another student to create the cover. We decided that since we were a small school we wanted to try and incorporate everyone.

Our concept was quite simple, a typographic design, a tree, with core parts of the school community incorporated. The trunk and roots of the tree are the words God in multiple languages, since our school embraces its multiculturalism and faith is the basis of everyday activity. The branches on the tree were the staff members at the high school, which are the faces that impacted students in their journey through four years of school. Lastly the leaves on the tree are all the students, with the falling leaves the senior students, representing the ending of their journey at the school.