Disegna Sacchetta

Disegna Sacchetta

Meet Domenica

Timeline: May 2015 – June 2015

Category: Web Development

Meet Domenica is by blog which is run on a subdomain of my portfolio. This blog holds articles I write on a weekly basis about small businesses, web development, university, reviews, traveling, and also post my case studies on larger client projects or ones that I really want to reflect on. The blog design is built for WordPress. I chose to experiment with PureCSS.io framework, which was used as the base for responsive design. The timeline for this project was slightly longer, since I developed this site during my free time, and therefore did not have a scheduled time to work on it.

I chose to design the layout around a specific image, a picture that I took of roses that my boyfriend bought for me. I love the colors and the contrast of the image, against the main color of my portfolio logo. The sidebar does not scroll and converts to a header on mobile. The menu is an overlay style menu. Overall in terms of responsive design, and practises of code, this is by far the best layout I have created for my personal blogs. It truly demonstrates how far I have come since beginning to code on a webs.com blog in 2009.