Disegna Sacchetta

Disegna Sacchetta

WordPress Theme: March Love

Timeline: May 2010

Category: Web Developement

Mockingjay.org was my personal blog from 2009-2014. Throughout those five years this was one of the many layouts that I built for the blog.

This layout was a defining moment in my blog, and I chose to include it because It really showed how far I had become as a web developer. Although there was no brand to the website, and the blog was more of a personal space, layouts after this had a very different atmosphere to them than before.

This theme was built strictly in SublimeText for WordPress. For something slightly different I went without the typical sidebar that almost every blog has. The theme had a very interesting color palette, I was aiming for an aquamarine feel since that is the birthstone of March however it is slightly off from that and turned out surprisingly nicer that what I had envisioned.

They layout features a photo I previously took when in Rome for the logo with the name of the website aligned to the right of the rounded image. It was an extremely simple layout, which is probably why I kept it in use for so long. This layout was coded in HTML5 and CSS3, however it was not made responsive.